Joe-Webster_06_Dappled-Light-&Still-Water-DartmoorJoe Webster’s paintings are ephemeral illustrations of the undulations of the seasons. His landscapes capture the colour, shape and form, the lattice-work of fields in our surroundings, as well as mapping the cyclical patterns of nature. In Joe’s recent series although there is an absence of humans; their presence is implicit in his work due to the depiction of nature’s co-existence – not through its own choice – but co-existence nonetheless with man, as evidenced in the patchwork of hills and rows of apple trees.  Ultimately, the relationship is forgiving; the natural world is benevolent and thankfully resilient towards the impact of Man. In his work, Joe Webster represents the joyous celebration of the changing of the seasons through the grand details as shown in colour and shape, but also the minutiae, showing its textures and fine detail.  The work captures the moods of the landscapes in a visual sense.

The majority of Joe’s works in this exhibition were painted over the last year here at Halstow Farm. These paintings reflect the changing seasons in the far moorland landscape and extensive orchards. Crossing last winters snow, buttercups, blossom, ripening of apples through to their transformation in this space.


I actively encourage dialogue with the environment to influence the outcome of my work, such as mist or rain dripping into or washing away paint, the sun rapidly drying marks as they land, or snow and ice freezing, crusting and cracking watery mixes. The fluid properties of mixing-changing paint reflect the transitory world of light and water, merging and mutating. I try to balance the sense of change and motion in elements like the sky and water with the permanence and solidity in forms such as rocks and ancient trees. I am fascinated by the drama we experience between these different spaces of time and change.

All Ice ApplesJoe-Webster_09_Febuary-Snow-Sunset-I-DartmoorJoe has studied art with Carole Vincent and at Falmouth and Nottingham and exhibits regularly in Portugal and the South West. His work plays between experience from the bleak landscape of Dartmoor and the Atlantic coastline to the light, colour and climate of Portugal and Australia.  Charting seasonal and climatic changes, Joe describes the sensations we feel as sunlight, cloud and water move through the world around us. He paints in location, absorbing and transferring patterns and colours directly from the environment to canvas.



Joe-Webster_08_Orange-on-Blue-Tree-@Sunset Joe-Webster_08_Rain-Holly Joe-Webster_09_Apple-Blossom-on-Green-Dartmoor

Joe-Webster_09_Late-Apple-Blossom-Dartmoor Joe-Webster_09_Bluebell-Sea-Teign-Valley Joe-Webster_09_Bluebells&OakRoot

Joe-Webster_09_Blossom-&Buttercups-II-Dartmoor Joe-Webster_09_Blossom-&Buttercups-Dartmoor Joe-Webster_09_Blossom-&Buttercups-III-Dartmoor

Joe-Webster_09_Windy-Sky-Ash-Dartmoor Joe-Webster_09_Febuary-Snow-II-Dartmoor Joe-Webster_09_Febuary-Snow-Sunset-III-Dartmoor


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