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Early light & huge surf funnelling past Lion Rock,
Above Kynance Cove looking South East,
The Lizard, Cornwall
10 / 7 / 2016
60 X 80 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


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Painted the day after ‘Turquoise Breakers in the Mist,’ I was on-a-roll, again arriving at dawn full of anticipation and set-up to create another good piece. As I climbed back down the hill it was clear that the mist had been blown away because of a set of strong Westerly winds. The result was visually spectacular; crisp, fresh light and huge pummelling breakers whipped up by the high winds. The fresh air after the mist was exhilarating and a great way to wake-up into the day. I spotted a view higher up looking in reverse down towards the tip of the Lizard where the breakers, framed in stark contrast against the early light were racing up dramatically into a channel, but as I set up this time it quickly became evident that today’s challenge wasn’t the damp but the high winds. You have to position yourself with the optimum viewpoint or there simply isn’t any point in painting at all. However this happened to be on a knife-edge between two steep drops. So with half my focus dedicated to the consistent challenge of not losing any equipment, my painting or indeed myself to the precipice this was the result. I am pleased with the piece and indeed acknowledge that through dedicating my conscious-mind with safety I allowed the painting to evolve naturally. However I must remember to add pegs and guy ropes to my kit list when I get home.


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2016, CHRONOLOGY, Current Portfolio, LANDSCAPES, SEA & COAST
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