About This Project

 Graffiti inspired drawing of North Devon Coastline, Seascape from Hartland Quay


Bright Light and Sharp Rocks

into the sun, Hartland, North Devon
14 . 03 . 2017
110 x 60 cm
Spray Paint, Marker Pens, Tipp-Ex & Graphite



These pieces became an exciting new experiment allowing me to work much faster when on the move or in challenging conditions or timescales. Spray Paint, Marker Pens, Tippex allowed for a new range of line and tone, drips, scratches, patches, wisps and shadows. What I find particularly pleasing is the way that they play with light when viewed under different conditions, the marker pens can appear metallic blue or red whilst the graphite caught in the light appears silver, overtaking all the other elements but disappearing altogether when viewed from a different angle.


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