Tedburn St Mary, Devon
2018 – 2020
61 x 91 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 10 cm
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I have been on quite a journey with this painting.
From its creation near Dunsford, Dartmoor in 2018 to reworking it with tagging and graffiti last year.

I clearly remember the original plein-air painting, it was early in the season, I had spent a large part of the day scouting ‘up-and-down’ for some early blossom and eventually found this sight. Tangly, overgrown, multiple species fighting each other as well as supporting each other for survival. From the outset it was quite a complicated arrangement and I worked and re-worked the piece on-site until I fully lost the light as your can see in the timelapse.
I really liked the final piece but possibly due to the layering and overlapping of species and techniques it has repeatedly ‘called-me’ as a space to try out new ideas and techniques. Every few months I’ve splashed a new colour over it’s surface or scrawled more lettering. After evolving for two years I absolutely love the final result, with a wonderfully layered history and fantastic range of styles and techniques it, for me, captures the richness and abundance of the original hedgerow.