'Glade' Chasing the Last of the Bluebells

‘Glade’ Chasing the Last of the Bluebells



Pepperdon Down, Doccombe, Dartmoor

11 June 2021

50 x 70 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


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Pig Nuts


Time with friends


Through the shadows


All the bluebells had long gone around me and so I was finishing off the season until next year when I received a message from a dear friend saying that the bluebells were all still in full bloom around him on Dartmoor.

Due to the elevation often the seasons are a few weeks different to where I am as a result of the cooler atmosphere. Sure enough I drove up the next day and discovered this stunning glade near to his house. He joined me and treated me to some amazing cheesy mushrooms on homemade bread cooked on his small camp-stove.


What a wonderful day!