New Light

New Light


Ide, Exeter, Devon
50 x 65 cm
Acrylic on Canvas-board

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 10 cm
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Of the few dozen pieces I paint each year there are a handful which I regard as really special.
I consider New Light to be one of these works.
I had spotted a huge swathe of blackthorn blossom the day earlier and despite having only a small window of time, I decided to return and challenge myself to capture it one evening in the falling light. (I didn’t want to miss it while it was in full-bloom.) Working at such speed is a risk and I find that I have to abandon as many pieces as I keep when they have been created with this energy. Those that do make it however (such as this piece) can often contain such amazing dynamic energy.

I really like the semi abstract nature of the piece.
The close-up perspective which eliminates any horizon or sense of place.
The raw, white canvas which becomes the blossom blurs the line between a sketch and a worked piece.
To me, it captures the essence of the dramatic explosion of spring, which can often happen within just a few days.
The trees and bushes rush to dress themselves and all the greens are neon and translucent.
The combination of washes and thick drips of paint interwoven with pacey, diagonal markmaking adds to my sense of accomplishment with this piece.

Some days, the energy just flows in the right way and I love it when these fleeting moments are caught on canvas.

Painting 'New Light' in an interior